You Can Be Yourself in New Orleans

What is so special about New Orleans?

The people!

They come in all different varieties, and they live life in color.  They are full of zest and don’t take anything too seriously.  It’s constant entertainment.  And they sure do know how to have a gooood tiiiime.  The secret must be that for any event they party before the party, during the party, and after the party.

So it’s only natural that before the French Quarter Fest, it’s kicked off with a parade down Bourbon Street.  It’s always a good occasion for a parade in NOLA.The British contingent in town appears to be a little more subdued…I guess this is what the Cajun Coloradans look like.  Not quite the outdoorsy, nature types we’re used to.

The US Marine Corps Reserve Band rocks the parade.

And even small farm animals get to join in the festivities.This little guy was so cute.  Those eyes!No New Orleans celebration is complete without a Hand Grenade.Is this Mr Hanky, the Christmas Poo’s Cousin?

The End.

Oh, wait.  This guy deserves the finale.  And now for my all time favorite…

12 thoughts on “You Can Be Yourself in New Orleans

  1. Hi,
    Wow, fantastic photos, and it does look like everyone has a heap of fun, I just love that miniature horse, he is so gorgeous, and you can’t help but laugh at the t-shirt in your last photo, that is priceless. 😀

  2. Yay! You visited my home town!!! Did you ride the street car? Beignets? Have crawfish?, snowballs!!!! Talking about it makes me miss home oh so dearly! I am sure you haf a great time in the Big Easy!!!

    1. Thanks, Courtney! Yes, I happen to be a big fan of your home town. I went to Tulane, and I have some family there– makes for a great excuse to get back on a regular basis. Street car? Yes. Beignets? Not this time. Crawfish? yes, but in the form of etouffee. Yum! No snowballs for me, but the local family sure does rave about the snowballs there 🙂 I’ll have a few more posts on NOLA, so hopefully you’ll see them when they come out. I’m sure you agree about the people there. It’s a pretty special place!

  3. Even better… You can let your ‘id’ go free in New Orleans.
    We go down every St. Patricks Day. Four “upscale’ Gp’s, , A periodontist, Two othodontists, and an Endodontist, an orthopedic surgeon (and their wives/ husbands). Have so for 8 years. all I can say is no one seeing that group would likely ever recognize, let alone go to, refer to, and certianly never let their children around 🙂 the group. Nothing ‘unseemly’, illegal (?)..(i.e.:. not like a wife swapping , torrid, scandolous situation).. but nothing feels so ‘free’ as to feel so ‘free’ amongst the masses you do not know.. who are usually acting worse than you are. And with friends who are all in the same situation, and the tacit understanding of the activities just ‘stay there’.
    One night , you may be a ner’-do-well scamp… the next afternoon, upscale dining at a fine establsihment in the garden district.
    For over a decade.. being a member of the ‘not so professional proffesional group tour”.. has been one of the things that i look forward to the most…. and lightens my soul/ sanity the most!
    anyway to send/post some pics??? 🙂

    1. Ha! So true, and I love your descriptions. It’s so important to have that escape– especially from such an intensely detail-oriented job, and one that requires us to behave and act proper all of the time. NOLA lightens my soul too. I’d love to post your photos. Send them to me a Lolabees at lolabees dot me (I’ve written it out to avoid spam to my email.) 😉 If you want to write something with it, feel free ( I imagine from your comments that it would be clever, but you don’t have to write anything.) I’ll post it on my blog. I don’t know of any other way to do that. Thanks!

    1. iRishabh, you really hit the nail on the head. going down before ‘ Katrina’ and every year since, i have always thought the ‘racial divide’ is not as apparent as it is in the other places. And i do not think it is because of the need of the tourist trade….. I really think you ar spot on with your observation. most folks who LIVE in NoLa have such a zeal for life… it almost appears to me that they have more concern with enjoying life than dwelling on things we cannot change.
      In my humble opinion, it’s as a color-blind culture as you will likely find.. and probably because EVERYONE down there is so colorful!!
      you really did a great job of penning that which i have observed… but really never put together. Thanks!

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