Who is Ready for Change?

How do you feel about change?  Do you love it, or do you fear it? 

I love change!  You know why?  Because without it, I’d still be that same person I was 6, 10, 15 years ago.  I would still be stuck exactly where I was.  Change is scary for all of us, but I can’t imagine my life without it.  Over the past 5 years you’ve followed my career journey, and I’ve been so fortunate to follow yours.  It’s hard to believe so much time has passed since we started sharing our stories in November of 2011, the month I left dentistry for good.  When I left my career, it was a sad, painful break up, but you all made it easy.  You reached out and shared your lives with me and helped me feel confident that I had made the right choice.  Without you, I know I would have suffered through the process, but your support made it easier.  Many of you told me how much my story helped you, but you should know that your stories probably helped me more.  Your stories brought me to life, filled me with a sense of comfort, connection, and downright inspiration in a way nothing else has ever done.  Deep down I knew that someday I would be called to help you navigate through your career journey as someone helped me do years ago.

I always knew it was bound to happen at some point, but I just didn’t know when.

Along the way, through our conversations, some of you gained the clarity you needed to change what wasn’t working for you in your careers.  Whether you’ve found the courage to stay where you are and discovered how you could make it better, or whether you’ve found the courage to leave it all behind and start over, your stories are still the very things that fill me with a sense of true, genuine joy and fulfillment.

So now is the time. I’m making it OFFICIAL.  I’m formally starting my career coaching business!

Why career coaching?

Working with a career coach is precisely what helped me catalyze change and follow through with my plans.  I was able to see firsthand how powerful of a tool it is, and simply put, helping you find career happiness floats my boat.  I know how I felt when I was stuck in my life, and I’m driven by that experience to share what I know with you… that we are all capable of designing our best lives.  We all deserve to live happy, fulfilled lives, whether that is in dentistry, or out of dentistry.  Sometimes we need help in discovering what we really want and how to take action.

Why now?

The timing is right!  Here is my big confession: when I first left dentistry, there was a voice in my head that told me I was a fraud.  While I was proud to be someone who could take such a difficult leap, I thought I was only great at quitting.  And I thought quitting alone was nothing to be proud of.  I believed I needed to prove to myself that I was not just great at running from something, but that I was also capable of running to something.  I told myself that anyone can be great at running away, but showing up and creating something was a different story.  Although I know that was all nonsensical self-talk, it’s how I felt at the time.  I wasn’t ready.  I wanted to know that I could walk the talk and feel authentic before I could coach someone else.  I’ve learned more in these past 15 years than I could ever imagine, and I want to help you unleash that kind of learning and freedom in yourselves.

So if you’re ready to change, let’s have a chat.  If you’re not ready to change but have questions, reach out to me.  Click here to contact me, and we can explore what it would be like for you to create meaningful and lasting change in your life.

12 thoughts on “Who is Ready for Change?

  1. Well you know already that it was your post about leaving dentistry that stuck in my head and was the seed that grew into my own big career change tree, so I KNOW you’ll be good at this. Have you finished with the Neroli people or are going to do both?

    1. Fraggs! You know I love to hear that every time. It never gets old. So happy your career change tree came to life. ❤ Still doing Nerium too! I have always known I would head down this path because nothing fulfills me more. Thank you for the support and encouragement. So grateful.

  2. Great to read your message! How exciting — wishing you all the best! I The feelings you wrote about in the ‘Why Now?’ section were especially moving because you weren’t afraid to be honest.

    In the past, I’ve made several posts on your site in reply to people considering leaving dentistry. The space you have provided for interaction between all of us has been invaluable. Thanks!

    I’m officially winding up my dental career (after 35 years) at the end of this coming July. This is what I wrote to some of my good friends, regarding my decision:

    “It’s kind of scary, but at the same time, very exciting. There are endless possibilities that run through my mind… In a way, I feel like I am jumping off a cliff with no parachute, but will still land safely. It’s an exhilarating feeling.”

    Thanks again for all of your thoughts and support.

    1. Eric, thanks so much! Always great to hear your input. It’s amazing how much we can hold ourselves back with our beliefs that are always just beliefs and not Truth.

      Glad you have been a part of this. I know your input has helped others too. Congrats to you for reaching this point. It’s so soon. Do you know what’s next? After 35 years, I guess it doesn’t have to be anything! Glad you have found a good way to explain this to your friends. I know that was a concern for you before. I bet they’ll all end up wanting the same for themselves! LOL

  3. Great to see you take this path and it’s something I’m sure you will find very fulfilling and rewarding. This site has been great for me as I left clinical dentistry just twelve years after graduating (an illness prompted to finally bail , but I wasn’t happy in the career anyway). Like Eric, I have enjoyed sharing my experience doing so. Life is too short to remain stuck in career you don’t enjoy. I might have to hit you up for some career advice because my current job as a dental insurance consultant might be more depressing.

    1. Catiii– thank you!! I do find this very fulfilling. It’s really the most fulfilling thing I do, and it’s really crazy to me that the process to get here has been so organic. That feels right– and it feels different from any other thing I’ve chosen to do.

      Hit me up anytime! As you mention your current position, it makes me realize I’d love to interview you (and Eric R, though I didn’t mention it) for the blog sometime if you’re up for it!

  4. A word to the wise: Have someone like this advise you as to where you will land! I, sometimes jokingly say that I am 80 years old and still trying to decide what I wish to do when I grow up…or is the word more likely “mature.”

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