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  1. Hi,

    I am currently an AS student and am still wondering on whether to pursue a career in Medicine or Dentistry. I was wondering if you may have any doctor friends’ stories along with your experience to give me an honest answer on the lifestyle both careers carry.

    Right now, I am not so much worried about the content at University as I am not sure which areas of science I am most interested in. I am keen on getting real idea of what the lifestyle as a dentist is like and how it compares to doctors.

    From what I have heard being a dentist allows a more comfortable lifestyle while having a much higher, stable pay than doctors. Also, I heard when you become a maxillofacial surgeon you earn a really high amount. However, after reading your blog it seemed this was not so much the case. About being a doctor, I have heard that there are constant exams that make it really hard to finally get a decent pay that you deserve.

    So my question is ‘what is better as a doctor and not dentist’ or ‘what is better as a dentist and not a doctor’? Or without the perspective of what it is like to be a doctor, what is it like being dentist, financially and in terms of stress and work hours?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Farah,
      I’m not really sure I can compare being a doctor to a dentist because I don’t really have the inside scoop on being a doctor. However, I imagine the 2 fields are not that different. Have you tried doing a search on that? Here is a link to a blog that a blogging doctor friend of mine wrote. She left the field, but ended up going back because it turns out it was the job, not the career that was the problem. Maybe you’ll find some insight there.

      The other place where you will get a good pro and con list of dentistry (as well as input from a lot of different people) is this post:

      I wouldn’t worry about the money. It is there. Good luck making your choice, and let me know what you decide to pursue!

      1. Thanks a lot! I read the dentistry post before which was made me more curious about the differences. I researched but I couldn’t grasp the picture. So thanks for the link to the doctor’s blog – it was really useful and interesting. I did work experience at a hospital recently and really enjoyed and got perspectives from different doctors and so far I think I’ll pursue medicine.

        After talking to a few doctors and such, the summary seems to be that I need to be emotionally resilient to deal with the difficult times. So hopefully I’ll try and manage it well enough – after all its better doing a job I enjoy than an easy job that bores me… Well only time can tell now if I’d be able to deal with the difficulties later!

        I will honestly say I was worried I won’t make enough money for the work and time I may spend so thanks for clearing that for me too. Also I enjoy reading your blog – its an interesting and easy read 🙂

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